Dear Craft Gallery Friend
Best wishes to you and your family and friends for a blessed New Year.
I have given our website letters a lot of thought and am going to try to share ideas as they come to mind; some will be from years gone by and others current work. This way we can interact more frequently.
What to do with small pieces of work is always the question? I like to think of them as samples of skills which may lead to larger projects and at the same time don’t go to waste.


  • This little cushion was made some twenty years ago and still receives positive remarks when people see it for the first time.  The idea pre-dates access to Pinterest and is very simple and easy to make.
  • Hand or machine sew double sided squares together, turn right sides out and press square…
  • Blanket stitch around the edge using thread or wool of your choice.
  • Work a double treble into each blanket stitch loop.
  • Lay your squares on a flat surface and make sure you are happy with the design.
  • Join squares by stitching them together between the double trebles or by crocheting them together. 
  • Edge the work with three or four rows of double trebles. Always remember to increase in the corners.


Always use tapestry needles with blunt points when you are joining squares and crochet hooks which suit your thread.
Writing this newsletter has encouraged me to make another cushion with embroidered squares.

All cotton and needles required are available on our website.

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Best Wishes
Vyvyan Muller