Embroidery Stands RSA

Hoop and tray stand to accommodate most hoop sizes. Adjustable standing roller frame for embroidery or tapestry. Double decker plastic clip on frame stands. Light weight, fold up, double decker stands; easy to transport. An embroidery stand is every needle worker’s dream!  Spoil someone this Christmas. Support your work on a frame if you are confined to bed. Frames are designed to hold your work and your hands are free.

Embroidery stands RSA are an excellent buy!  You will experience a huge improvement  when your work is supported and both hands are free.  Our hoop and tray model, seated on your lap or table top, enables you to use a hoop size of your choice gripped in the extended arm. Store your scissors, needles, thread and thimble in the tray for easy access.  Imagine an embroidery stand with room for all your project materials in one place!  A big pro is that the double decker frame is light weight and  easy to fold up and move on with.   Long legged and short legged roller frames are excellent for embroidery and tapestry projects.  Our favourite pipe frame does the trick for smaller pieces of work.

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