Established 1990

We are still trading in The Floradale Centre, home of our family nursery business, albeit in another venue.  Many East London residents and visitors past and present will remember the Centre and especially the nursery established in 1937.

The Craft Gallery started trading in a converted shed and gradually moved to our brick and mortar shop/cum depot as our online business grew and we specialized in needlework.  I am including photographs for the sake of memories.  There is no harm in looking back as long as we keep moving forward.


Don’t miss out on this popular skill.  The below pictures (with links) will give you an idea of the materials you will need besides thread of your choice.

Visit the ‘Tapestry’ area on for material information and ‘Kits’ for Knot Garden kits.

In addition to my close- up pictures of stitches, I suggest you refer to Pinterest and I would like to suggest you visit Mary Legallet’s website which features a huge collection of canvas stitches.     

Mary’s Whimsical Stitches —

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