Long legged Frame

R1,800.00 (incl. vat)

This frame is ideal for both large and smaller pieces of embroidery or canvas work. It enables you to work in a sitting position an eliminates the need to hold the work. The stand is easy to move for comfortable working positioning.

A tip for cross stitch or canvas work: work with your strongest hand underneath the work and pass the needle through the work to your weaker hand positioned above the work. The weaker hand makes the stitch passing the needle back through the work to the sronger hand. Repeat. This means there are no unnecessary movements from hand to hand around the frame that slows you down!

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Height: 850m

Distance between legs is fixed at 660 mm

A pair of 660 mm quality wooden dowels are supported between the ends of the roller frame. The distance between the dowels may be adjusted.

A length of fabric tape is attached to the dowels to make it easy to firmly pin the work to the frame.

Bolts, nuts and screws needed for assembly are provided.

The wood of the frame has a satin smooth finish.

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