Buffalo MD

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Buffalo are ox-like animals of massive build, They can be extremely dangerous if wounded or startled and their handlebar horns can be used to deadly effect in battle. Older animals have horns which are worn down or broken. In former times these animals were found in huge herds all over the continent of Africa from the Cape to the Sahara, but have been greatly reduced in numbers by disease and hunting. Herds number anything from 200 to 500 strong. They have a keen sense of smell and normally run from danger. When an intruder approaches a herd the bigger bulls will stand facing it, watching every move and then walk a few paces forward, sniffing the air trying to confirm what it is they see. Older bulls leave the herd and live peacefully with two or three others.

75 X 125 cross

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This counted cross stitch kit contains:

DMC Stranded Cotton

Aida Fabric – 100% Cotton




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