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  • Black Jack Kit Cover
    If you live in South Africa and have walked through grass it is very likely that you have had to remove ‘Black Jack’ seeds from your clothing. While in the garden Vyv came across a well-developed specimen of this weed which should have been removed ages ago. She picked stems of flowers, buds, leaves and seeds and photographed them and then used this as reference material to draw a black jack design for embroidering on a white tray cloth. It is a botanical style design with interesting shaped seeds to embroider.
  • Erythrina Kit Cover

    Erythrinas - commonly known as coral trees - are indigenous to South Africa. The flowers are a vibrant orange, the leaves a deep green and the dark brown, knobbly seed pods contain bright red seeds called lucky beans. Vyv has painted the Erythrina humeana in a botanical style and because of the beautiful colouring it has been printed in colour on the cloth for you to embelish with free style embroidery stitches to add texture and your own creativity.

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