In early 2000 we purchased Easy Cross, which is a program which can convert photographs/pictures to cross stitch. This is something my husband and I work on together. Once the photo has been converted to cross stitch, I will get out all my DMC cottons and make sure the colours used make the picture look as real as possible. So this has become real team work. My very first photo-stitch was one of my father, then  we purchased postcards of the Big Five, and spent many days placing them just right, and then did the conversion. This has been my biggest and most challenging cross stitch to date, taking me 18 months to complete. This is the work of which I am  most proud.

Cathy with Big Five

I have also stitched the underground concourse in Crystal Palace, London. This is currently closed, but the Council are working hard on getting it re-opened, to enable them to have craft-markets inside. It has some wonderful architecture inside. This was a most enjoyable project, and I have received some very positive comments from people who have seen it, as it is indeed very spectacular.

Crystal Palace Underground

I am now very lucky to be retired and can spend many happy hours on my cross stitch projects.

Cathy Richter

Thank you for sharing this beautiful work with us Cathy.

Have a look here for more information and photographs of the Crystal Palace abandoned station that Cathy interpreted in cross stitch.