This is what Sandra Johnston's smocking group at The Craft Gallery have acheived so far.

There are some beautiful dresses -each so different which is what makes them so special, a magnificent christening robe, a needlework roll and stunning Christmas decorations,

Dress smocked in blue

Val Gombert's Smocked Dress

Smocked Needlework Roll

Smocked Needlework Roll

Inside the smocked needlework roll

An inside view of the Needlework Roll

Christmas Bauble

A smocked Christmas Bauble - very ornate. Note the inclusion of beads.

Smocked Christening Dress

This smocked christening dress will be used for many generations to come.

Close up of Smocked Christening Dress

 This close up shows the beauty of the smocking on the Christening Robe above and how little pearl beads have been included to enhance the design.

Smocked Christmas Decoration

A Christmas Decoration smocked with beads.

Smocked Dress - cream and rose

 A pretty smocked dress in cream and rose pink.

Smocked Christmas Crackers

Christmas Crackers! Fun to smock.

 Smocked Yoke Dress

The yoke of this dress is smocked in the round. This is different to the other dresses in this blog.


We hope you have enjoyed browsing the progress of Sandra's group.