This is a very easy, basic pattern ideal for a beginner knitter.

 As our dolls may differ in size due to their stuffing, adjustments to the pattern are very easy to make.   have used this pattern for short and long sleeve pullovers and purposely buttoned the front to the back on the shoulders to allow a large enough opening to make dressing and un-dressing the doll less challenging for children. I always let Little Lily step into her pullovers and poke her arms into the sleeves.

I hope you enjoy knitting for your doll and will share pictures on our Facebook page. 


4 ply yarn

 Size 3mm knitting needles

4 very small buttons

Method:   (Front and back the same)

Cast on 26 stitches and work in knit 2, purl 2, rib for four rows.

Continue in stocking stitch for 24 rows.

Cast on 24 stitches for arm and knit to end of row.

Cast on another 24 stitches for the second arm and continue working in garter stitch for 8 rows. 

Cast off  

Repeat for other side.

Joining front to back:

Join side seams and underarm sleeves. 

When joining the top of the sleeves, leave an opening large enough for the doll’s head.  If there is a gap on either side of the neck, attach 2 buttons on either side of back edge and work little loops along the front edge.  Slip the loops over the buttons to close the opening in an attractive way.

To make Little Lily Rag Doll and her dress here is the downloadable tutorial.

Look out for more free patterns to add to Little Lily's wardrobe.