Draw your own patchwork design or use my suggestion.  Be careful to consider the easiest way of assembling patches.  I have marked my big section joins in red.  I found it easiest to assemble each section separately.

Patchwork Pattern


Pin small snippets of fabric on each patch and make sure you have a good balance of texture, plains and florals.  Leave lots of space for embroidery and embellishment.

 Samples of Fabric

Your second pattern is you sewing guide.  I marked the patches on both sides of the stocking foundation paper.  Helped me not to get lost.

Adding Patches


Now comes the foundation piecing.  It was a great help to follow this You Tube video by Crafty Gemini. The instructions are simple and easy to follow.  Always make quite sure that your piece of fabric is large enough to cover the adjacent patch.  Unpicking is awful as your stitching, according to the video, should be 1.5.  This ensures that you can remove the paper easily. 

Remove Paper

In my next blog on the Christmas Stocking we will start looking at embellishing it.