A hand towel decorated with a strip of cross stitch worked on Aida- cloth band for a guest bathroom or mum’s bathroom makes a special gift. 

Collecting together for Mother Day Project

Aida-cloth band (also called ribband) is attractively edged and extremely versatile, easy to work and to attach to your chosen article.

The pattern we have chosen is taken from an old DMC publication Bibliotheque D.M.C Point de Marque 1re Serie edited by T de Dillmont (1846 -1890). This pattern is now in the public domain and may be downloaded here.

We have selected this pattern as it is repetitive and there is no need to turn a corner! I especially like the detail of the ribbon in the middle and think this will look good on a hand towel.

The simplicity of the design made me look at variegated DMC from the DMC Art417 Color Variations Range for the bow.

Obviously the colour of the bow would depend on your mother’s favourite colours but here are a couple of my suggestions:

DMC 4200 Wild Fire

DMC 4230 Crystal Water

DMC 4120 Tropical Sunset

For the leaves I chose a combination of greens from the DMC Art 117 Stranded Embroidery Cotton Range. 

It is good to use a darker and a lighter green to create a little contrast and to lift your embroidery. If you look at nature no branch of leaves is one colour green!

The darker green DMC 3051 for the stems

The lighter green DMC 3052 for the leaves

 Apart from decorating hand towels, ribband looks very attractive attached to  the edge of a tray cloth, edging a tea cosy, as a decorative band on a festive Mother’s Day cake, as  a decorative strip on a bag, bordering an apron, in fact personalizing any item and is excellent as a beautiful book mark.

Aida-cloth band is available from The Craft Gallery in 14 count 5cm wide lengths in ecru or white and can be ordered by the meter.  

Happy stitching.