‘Fichu’ is not often used in patterns I have come across.  For this reason I consulted a dictionary which described it as French for ‘A woman’s kerchief or shawl, generally triangular in shape, worn draped over the shoulders or around the neck with the ends dawn together on the breast’.  

 Like so many folk who knit or crochet, I have come across many patterns for exquisite, shawls for every occasion.  I have never found it easy to follow very complicated patterns without running into trouble and I would like to share this little pattern because it is SO easy, lacy and attractive.

 I chose to crochet it in Berroco sock wool using a 4.00mm crochet hook.  Undoubtedly it will look good in heavier weight yarns as well.  You will just need to use a larger size hook.


Begin working at the upper edge, ch 203

 Row 1:           (Right side). Ss in 7th ch from hook, *ch 5, skip next 3ch, ss in next ch, repeat from * across 50 loops, counting ch6 lp at beg.

 Row 2:           Turn. Ss in each of first 3ch, *ch 5, ss in 3rd ch of next loop,. Repeat from * across, 49 lps.  Repeat row 2 until 1 lp remains.  Fasten off.


Row 1:             With right size facing, join yarn in foundation ch at upper left corner.   Working along left side edge, ch 5, ss in first lp* ch 5, ss in joining between lps, ch5, ss in next lp,.  Rep from * around point to upper right corner.

 Row 2:            Ch 5, turn,  ss in 3rd ch of first lp* ch 5, ss in 3rd ch of next lp*.  Rep between *and * to point, ch5, ss in ss at point. Rep between * and * to left corner, end ss in 3rd ch of last lp.

Rep row 2 once more.

Fasten off.


beg  = begin(ing)

ch    = chain stitch

lp     = loop

rep  = repeat

sl st = slip stitch

 I hope my photograph gives you some idea of the end result.