Members of the staff and I had been working on miniature carpets, foot stools fire screens and cushions. We were approached by an old customer friend of the shop who wanted to know how we intended displaying our little pieces.  I pointed out two glass cabinets where we display precious items and said we would make room for the miniature display.  His reply was “What you really need is a dolls’ house”.  I agreed that it would be ‘first prize’ and lo and behold he made this magnificent house as a gift to The Gallery. 

Dolls House Landscape

 Thank you Terry Rennie for the pleasure you have given to both adults and children alike.

 I wonder how many times we have been approached to sell it and have had to reply that it was a gift to The Craft Gallery and is not for sale.

Dolls House Footstool and Cushion

Footstool and Cushion now in The Craft Gallery Dolls House

Miniature Carpet in Dolls House

This miniature carpet looks delightful in the dining room.

Dolls House Fire Screen

A charming fire screen in front of the fireplace.