I decided to decoupage a few Polystyrene eggs for The Craft Gallery display and because my selection of paper serviettes and wrapping paper was uninspiring, I decided to use fabric instead.  After a lifetime of collecting fabric with patchwork quilts in mind, I spent far too long choosing combinations.  Should I use pastels?  Would Victorian prints be attractive?  Plain colours may look appealing? And so it went.  I ended up with the brightest of brights. 


Let me interrupt my train of thought here and mention how you can have great fun and increase your stash of fabric by organising a group of friends to make a ‘charm’ quilt.  You decide on a design and start with the fabrics you have.  The rule is that every piece of fabric you include must not be repeated!   It won’t be long before you run out of a particular colour or shade of fabric and here is where the fun begins.  ‘Phone a like-minded friend and invite her to visit.  Ask her to bring her fabric scraps with her for a swapping session.  You can rest assured both your quilts will benefit from the ‘swop’ and you will have spent quality time with a friend. My charm quilt below is what inspired me to create my eggs for this Easter.

 Charm Quilt

 This is how I decoupaged my eggs.

Insert a sosatie stick or fine knitting needle into your Polystyrene egg to make handling easier.

Egg on Stick

Cut your fabric into a variety of different shapes and sizes


Glue the surface of the egg to be covered with a generous amount of  Podge remembering that you can always add more glue later.Start positioning your fabric, overlapping edges and covering blank spaces until the entire surface of the egg has been covered. 

Scraps On Egg

Allow your work to dry thoroughly and re-paint the surface with another coat of Podge.  If your first coat of Podge is not properly dry, the egg will end up feeling ‘tacky’.

Egg in stages

This shows the egg as it progresses through the various steps.

Glue a bow and loop to the top of your egg and hang your unique decoration on the  Easter tree. 

Completed Eggs

These decorative eggs can be used over and over again and will conjure up happy memories of times spent together.