It is cold and raining and the fireplace in The Craft Gallery is attracting lots of fireside chats as we enjoy the warmth and companionship of customers and friends.

Fireplace The Craft Gallery

 The crackling fire in The Craft Gallery

My thoughts travel back to the farm shed which occupied this space prior to 1990 when we opened our present shop.  The farm workers confined to indoor work due to the weather, gathered around a fireplace and chatted –  telling stories of bygone days.  My husband, Gerald recalls these tales and repeats them to the fourth generation of Floradale Mullers.

The’ shed’, as it was called, holds fond memories for plenty of family and friends who enjoyed dancing, making music and feasting within its walls.  Local and out-of-town customers often pause and reminisce about the happy times enjoyed.  The nursery opened its doors in 1937 so there are a lot of memories!

In 1989 the East London Quilters Guild were in a state of desperation as the quilt show venue they had booked was double booked and they requested the use of our farm shed.  After a great deal of sweeping and cleaning the shed was transformed into a suitable venue.  After a successful, happy day, the seeds had been sown and it was decided to make a permanent craft shop at the Floradale Centre.

 Alterations were made to the existing building.  The basic structure of the shed was retained, dormer windows, a new fireplace, sash windows, brick paved floor and veranda were added. The Craft Gallery opened and  an opportunity existed for crafters to display and sell their work.

Building the fireplace

The Craft Gallery fireplace takes shape

adding the Dormer Windows 

Adding Dormer Windows to The Craft Gallery

At that time cross stitch was growing in popularity. Little by little needlework skills grew to include working on linen and we were introduced to pulled thread, drawn thread, hardanger and black work.  We had the privilege of learning from an excellent needlewomen - Mariana Schmidt. 

Black Work of The Craft Gallery

Black Work design of The Craft Gallery Building worked by Mariana Schmidt 

 Last year was a joyous occasion when our daughter, Heidi decided to work with me to put The Craft Gallery onto a website of its own - once again endeavouring to share skills, materials and the unique products we offer. The Craft Gallery logo included the building up until that time but with expanding the business onto the web we felt it did not sufficiently reflect who we are and we gave our logo a new look.

Craft Gallery Logo until 2014

The Craft Gallery logo from 1990 - 2014

The building having sheltered so many happy times and so much cheerful industrious creativity over so many years seems to have soaked it up and many people remark on the wonderful atmosphere of the place. Come and share it with us. You are welcome to visit.