Your stocking must reflect your own personality and this starts with the correct choice of fabric (some floral and some plain).  You may want to include fabric which conjures up memories of special occasions – your wedding day, remnants of children’s clothing, a ball gown or a lace handkerchief.   Embellishing your stocking is a wonderful opportunity to exhibit your needlework skills and to experiment with new ideas.  Many of us have attended workshops which entailed working sample pieces of embroidery, these experiments make ideal ‘patches’ for your stocking.

 Buttons, braids, unusual thread, beads, sequins and charms are much sort after objects to add to your work.  You may choose to limit the amount of work you put into your project.  This is up to you. 

 I hope the pictures of Christmas stockings which accompany this blog will whet your appetite and you will enjoy planning and collecting materials for your stocking.

Christmas Stocking 1 Christmas Stocking 2

Don’t forget to source unusual embroidery stitches to outline your patches and include in your work.

 Yes, there is much fun to be had before you start working in earnest.  I shall share my stocking pattern with you and a guide to the basic patchwork design you may like to use and how to achieve it. 

 Meeting with like-minded needlework friends and working on this project together, results in sharing bits and pieces, exchanging ideas and enjoying the company of friends. 

Let us make Christmas 2015 really special.


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