If you have made a personalized guardian angel from our kit, you will recognise the angels on this wreath.  They were ‘dressed’ using bright Christmas fabric and tartan ribbon for wings.  It is a lovely idea to make a wreath or a tree decoration personalizing an angel for each child, grandchild or member of the family.  You can re-used your basic angel pattern over and over again.  I had enormous fun making these angels.  Once again this is an excellent group activity.

Guardian Angel Wreath 

Have a look at these little angels waiting to be attached to the wreath. They are dear.  A clever idea for attaching these angels to the wreath is to cut a 15cm length of flexible craft wire. Bend the wire in half to find the midpoint and stitch onto the back of the angel’s wings. Insert both ends of the wire through the wreath. Twist the two ends of the wire together to secure your angel checking to see that she is positioned correctly. Cut off excess wire if needed.

Christmas Guardian Angels

Little girls love pink angels.  Our Summer Angel displayed in a heart-shaped wreath embellished with a selection of crochet flowers, depicts our southern hemisphere Christmas.  It can be displayed throughout the year.

Summer Angel Wreath

Yet another dainty, versatile angel, this time in a star wreath is our Lavender Angel. Fresh lavender from my garden decorates the shape and is surprisingly fragrant.

Lavender Angel

A single angel in a heart, round or star wreath is an unusual and much appreciated gift for the person who lives alone, in an old aged home or care centre.  

The Craft Gallery has a selection of wreaths available in different sizes that can be used to make decorations for the Christmas tree, to be hung on the wall or any door. Remember to match the proportions of the wreath to the size of the door. A small wreath on a large door does not give the right impact and an oversized wreath on a smaller door does not work either.  

Before Christmas we have Advent. Remember this Sunday, 30 November, is 1st Advent this year so this weekend it is time to bring out your Advent wreath. For those of you who missed the earlier blog, my Advent wreath this year is decorated with four Advent Angels.


Advent Wreath