The chart can of course be used for counted cross stitch and we suggest you work it in the following shades of DMC stranded cotton: Black 310; Red 321; Blue 826; Gold 729 and Flesh 3779.

  • Use the guards, worked on Aida in your own design of a birthday card – the number of guards being the tot's age of course!
  • As long as the gingham check blocks are square, the guards can be worked onto a gingham shirt.
  • Waste Canvas is very useful as it provides a grid making it possible for you to work the counted cross stitch design on plain fabric – even shop bought clothing or bed linen.

 Queen's Guard on Waste Canvas

A few tips to remember when using waste canvas:

  • The canvas is available in different counts (10 count; 12count; 14 count and 18 count). The finer the fabric you are working on the finer the canvas count you must use. If you are in doubt about the suitability of the fabric you are going to work on, it is a good idea to work a sample. It will not take long and could save many hours of work.
  • Cut the piece of waste canvas larger than the area of your design. Allow at least 2,5cm space all around the space your design is to be worked in.
  • Be careful to align the blue lines of the waste canvas with the grain of your fabric before tacking the waste canvas in place.
  • It is recommended that you work in an embroidery hoop.
  • Use a sharp needle (not a tapestry needle) – a crewel needle is best. The size of the crewel needle to use is dependent on the weight of the fabric, the count of the waste canvas and the number of embroidery strands used. However this is an important choice and it is a good idea to try out a few different sizes of needles before choosing the needle for the work.
  • Make sure that your needle pierces the centre of the holes and does not pierce the waste canvas itself.
  • Before removing the waste canvas you may cut the canvas to within four threads of your work. 
  • Dampening the canvas dissolves the water soluble starch that holds the threads together.
  • Hold the work with one hand while carefully removing the strands of canvas with a pair of tweezers.
Remove Waste Canvas

 This Queen’s Guard is not only for decorating items for toddlers. I am keeping the design for the Victorian Crazy Patchwork Christmas Stocking we have planned as a project to start in the middle of this year.