I chose to work on 18 count canvas, as the lid was narrow and I wanted to include as many stitches as possible. 

Canvas Work on Pen Lid

If you want to start a similar project, the following stitches are a good starting point. 

  • Chequer stitch,
  • Cross stitch in various forms ( e.g. double straight, plaited or upright), 
  • Half cross stitch or tent stitch which most of us use when working on printed canvases or miniature carpets, is a wonderful filler stitch.
  • Rhodes and rice stitch are favourites and add texture to your work.

The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing thread.  I used:

  • DMC stranded embroidery thread,
  • House of embroidery perle thread No. 8. ,
  • DMC perle  No. 5 in ecru and colour,
  • DMC Coloris,
  • crochet cottons,
  • lengths of rayon from days gone by,
  • string and wool.

 It was such fun working on this project that I found myself at a “loose end” when it was completed.

 Google “canvas stitches” and you will be astonished at how many beautiful stitches you will be tempted to incorporate in your work.

  Beware!  This work is addictive.


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