Dear Craft Gallery Friend

Let me begin this belated Newsletter with every good wish for the year to come.  May you be blessed in every way. 

It is also an opportunity to say a big thank you to you for your encouraging response to our newsletters and Facebook throughout 2020.  Your incredible support and understanding is always much appreciated.   At this stage I choose to look forward to ways of making the best of the situation we find ourselves in and make the most of every opportunity to grow the people we are and the skills we have.

Things to look forward to:

The shortage of thread is chronic at the moment but stock is starting to trickle through as distributors receive overseas stock. Fortunately we have a considerable stock on hand but are missing some colours and a bit low on others.

Local needlework kits are on the up and up and the selection we have, together with Craft Gallery in house designs have proved very popular. New designs will be on the shelves very soon.

Link to Kits

Tapestry and Embroidery stands which sold out completely during the season are due to be delivered next week.

We are eagerly awaiting a parcel of new designs of Vervaco table cloths and table runners complete with all the thread. Unfortunately one never knows when imported goods will arrive. 

Stock for immediate dispatch

  • A good selection of printed tapestries both large and small.
  • Blank canvas to enable you to design your own work or work from a chart. Rug count 3 and 5, Penelope, Interlock and 14 count waste
  • Aida and linen fabrics for counted and surface embroidery.
  • Tatting needles and threads.
  • Crochet hooks and thread
  • A good selection of needlework accessories including embroidery scissors.

I have included a few pictures to whet your appetite but a visit to our website www.craftgallery will enable to browse the website ‘shop’.

Best Wishes
Vyvyan Muller
043 748 2419