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Hardanger  & NEW Tapestries To Keep You Busy During Whatever Stage Of COVID-19 We May Be In & Thereafter

New stock has arrived – Some designs are brand new.

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In the early days of The Craft Gallery we were privileged to be taught Hardanger  by Mariana Schmidt who came from Germany to live in East London.  Her work was exquisite and our initial reaction was “I will never be able to learn this skill !”.  Her reply was to ask “Can you count to five?” of course we had to admit we could and I can still hear her heavy accent say “Den you can do Hardanger”.

The below Youtube video links illustrate just how achievable this skill is…


Most needlewomen get pleasure from adding to their collection of embroidery scissors or to give them as presents.  We have added some fancy scissors to our collection.

Delivery Facilities Are Available!

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